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Love Spells Pain Obaidullah Mohammadi

Love Spells Pain

Obaidullah Mohammadi

Published May 24th 2010
ISBN : 9781450071109
340 pages
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 About the Book 

Set in a diffi cult and harrowing period of Afghanistan, Youngchildren as they are, Karim and Suraya had deep love foreach other. Suraya a mean girl who enjoys embarrassing andannoying others while Karim a simple and peaceful boy whobecomes the target of Suraya’s meanness—they soon fi ndsolace in each other’s company. With the ongoing civil warin Afghanistan and the hard life most people are facing, thisposes several challenges to the suppressed emotions they arefeeling and keeping. The hardships and obstacles—physicallyand emotionally—that have come their way have stretchedtheir patience and endurance to the limits. How will they endtheir suffering and pain? Maybe Moving away, murder, andsuicide may just be the solutions and options they would haveto take.Obaid Mohammadi was born in Kabul,Afghanistan on April 04, 1974. Theoldest of fi ve brothers with dreams ofbeing a famous and successful Afghanisinger started young to push andmotivate his brothers and himself intoplaying music instruments and singing.At very young age they would performin front of family and friends. In May1983 they moved to Seattle, Washington and many yearslater they started the fi rst Afghani boy band called GorohayMaataab. Obaid also had the passion in writing scripts andshort stories. Today Obaid lives in California and is married toFrishta Sherzad and has two sons, Aimel and Ajmel.